Water purifying fountain


A source of health that cares for the environment

La más alta tecnología aplicada al tratamiento del agua


Salud, ahorro y comodidad


You will drink better quality water, low in minerals and sodium


You will never need to buy water again


You will save space and time

You can use the space where you currently keep your water containers for other things
You can forget having to remember to constantly order water refills

General features

Energy saving equipment. The system detects background light and goes into standby when it gets dark or when the office lighting is switched off

Machine with filtering system

Filtering and ultra-filtering system

Reverse osmosis machine with a pressure pump for increased output of high-quality purified water

LED multi-function information system

Alkaline filter. pH adjuster

It has a hot water safety system to prevent children from tampering and injuring themselves. It includes a warning sticker

Cold water output. 4º C – 12º C.

Hot water output. 80º C – 85º C.

The ideal complement for your office or catering trade business

Forget transporting or storing water. The OSLO water fountain will supply you with high quality osmosis water, without the drawbacks of transportation and water storage in the office


Temperature Cold – Hot
Functioning system Osmosis Inversa con bomba de presión
Cold water temperature 4 – 12º C
Cooling capacity 4 L/H
Temperature control Thermostat
Water tank raw material Stainless steel AISI 304
Hot water temperature 80 – 85º C
Heating capacity 5 L/H
Instant hot water volume 1,2 litros
Type of heater AISI 304 stainless steel strips. Power consumption 300W
Booster pump Yes
Weight 23Kg
Format Floor
Water treatment system 1 Filter 5 micras 2,5 x 11,5. 1 Filter GAC 2,5×11,5. 1 Membrane 80 GPD. 1 Alkaline filter 2,5 x 11,5
Capacity of the water tanks Capacidad del depósito



Dimensions (a x b x c x d en mm)

1110 x 260 x 360 x 160